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With data security breaches making headline news on a regular basis, it’s undeniable that every organization that handles employee, customer or other sensitive data is susceptible to cyberattack. Regulations are rapidly evolving to protect the rights of individuals and their personal data by raising the security requirements and expectations of companies—and the penalties for non-compliance are serious and substantial.

Vendors are often being asked to demonstrate compliance as a requirement to start or continue doing business with their customers. The various regulations are complex and overlap in many areas so it’s understandable many companies struggle to make sense of them all. It takes expertise to achieve security compliance efficiently and cost effectively so that investments in people, process and technologies are targeted yet address regulatory requirements broadly.

Compliance is not the end goal as cyberattacks can still occur.

Companies need a programmatic approach where security is designed into how the company operates with a culture of security awareness and accountability across all staff. Whether your organization is reeling from a recent security breach, seeking regulatory compliance, or just uncertain about how and where to start developing a security program, CREO provides access to decades of the experience your company needs to find the right path and realize your objectives.


Services Offered

Business Driven Security
There is little need for security if your business can’t function, serve its customers and generate revenue. CREO understands that security must be implemented with this in mind. That’s why we help customers take a risk management approach to security. Not only does this align investment in security controls with business risk but it also helps staff understand why certain security controls are needed and their role in safeguarding the company’s assets. CREO’s approach helps clients break down the barriers that often exist between IT security and the business functions and to create a culture of security awareness and ownership by all.

Regulatory Compliance
CREO’s experienced cyber security and compliance experts can help you comply with regulatory requirements appropriate for your business needs. We are experts in GDPR/Privacy Shield, CCPA, PCI DSS, HIPAA, FISMA, and 21CFR11 regulations. CREO helps maximize the efficiency of your compliance efforts across multiple regulatory requirements.

Security Frameworks
Choosing the appropriate security framework is an important decision to meet your cybersecurity and compliance objectives. CREO can help you choose and implement the best framework for your specific needs. Our expertise includes NIST SP 800-53/171, ISO 27001/2 and CIS. We can develop your security program following any of these frameworks and blend them as needed to address your specific needs.

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