Growth Acceleration

Growth Acceleration

Liberate your company’s growth potential.  

Whether you need to raise new capital, gear up for rapid growth, identify or integrate new acquisitions, deal with operational constraints, or fill key positions with good talent, we can help you make the right decisions for your organization.

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Business Strategy & Operations

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PMO & Process Optimization

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We make companies more effective by identifying the right strategies and focusing on execution.


Health, life sciences, and technology services companies face constant disruption, and the current environment has rendered many strategic plans obsolete. Agile organizations keep a pulse on their environment, tuning their strategy to adapt while maintaining a laser-like focus on objectives. The next generation of industry disruptors is developing strategies that:

  • Align purpose and values with stakeholder benefits and corporate activities
  • Are attuned to the current state of the business and its operating environment
  • Consider new business models, investments, and partnerships focused on delivering innovation and managing risk

We align purpose and passion with market opportunity through:

Strategy Development & Execution

We develop strategies that align your purpose and values with stakeholder benefits for maximum impact.

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We help high-growth organizations tackle the challenges that are roadblocks to efficiency, scalability, and sustainability.

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Product Strategy

We align product positioning and market opportunity and help design the operational structures to manage the product for success.

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“Working with CREO has been pivotal in creating the structure and laser focus our team needed to position ourselves for tremendous success.”

— Stacie M., Veritas Collaborative

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We align people, processes, structures, and behaviors to drive growth, enable scalability, enhance customer experience, improve operational efficiency, and develop a sustainable operating model that delivers your strategy.


The health, life sciences, and technology services industries are constantly evolving, and organizations must transform to reach new levels of business success. Leaders and teams must navigate volatile, fast-changing environments with agility to clarify the issues and accelerate the path to results. Long-term success means designing the structures, teams, and frameworks that deliver today’s results while building a foundation for tomorrow’s growth.

CREO helps you design and implement an operating model honed to your strategic intent. We provide organizational structures, leadership tools, and customized development plans that drive buy-in and accelerate results.

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We enhance and accelerate growth through:

Executive & Leadership Coaching

We coach C-suite and senior management executives and teams on individualized, effective leadership strategies that expand influence and impact.

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Organization Development

We help you clarify business objectives and then align the practice areas, functions, teams, roles, and accountabilities to leverage capabilities and achieve those objectives.

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Transformational Change Management

We align executives and team members on the approach to change and teach the tools to drive buy-in that accelerates transformation.

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Performance Improvement

We help simplify complexity in your organization’s design, standardize and optimize functions, and formalize continuous improvement standards.

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We arm you with strategies, tools, and knowledge to make decisions with confidence and speed.


In today’s fast-paced and complex business environment, keeping score is not enough. The need to quickly define, access, interpret, and disseminate financial information becomes more critical during periods of rapid change, leadership transitions, funding changes, and unforeseen external pressures.

Our Financial experts can help you assess a new project, explore raising capital, look at an acquisition or merger, forecast and budget for the next year, or move from transaction data to actionable insights for your board. Working alongside your internal talent, our team will supercharge your finance capabilities.

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We improve your financial acumen and results through:

Strategic Financial Leadership

We provide the right level of expertise to lead your financial operations and collaborate with your leadership team to drive growth.

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Financial Operations Development

We empower you to transform your finance operations to improve efficiency, credibility, and decision-making maturity.

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Financial Accounting & Reporting

We bring financial management and accounting expertise to fill gaps, solve problems, and support new initiatives.

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Nonprofit Financial Management

We enable you to elevate your financial operations to identify impact and drive your mission.

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We enable you to move to action on your business strategy through the discipline of managing projects and processes as a company asset.


Growing organizations pursuing transformation need an effective way to align execution of initiatives, drive visibility of status, and engineer processes for reliable outcomes.

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We move your strategic plan to execution through:

Project Management Office

We provide a framework to lead organizational change across a portfolio of projects to achieve strategic goals.

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Business Process Optimization

We help you hone the discipline of managing processes to improve business performance, outcomes, and operational agility.

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