Growth Management

Liberate your company’s growth potential.

Whether you need to raise new capital, gear up for rapid growth, identify or integrate new acquisitions, deal with operational constraints or fill key positions with good talent, we can help you make the right decisions for your organization.


Financial ManagemenT >

Our Financial experts can help you assess a new project, explore raising capital, look at an acquisition or merger, forecast and budget for the next year, or move from transaction data to actionable insights for your board. Our team will supercharge your finance capabilities.

Innovation >

We translate your big ideas into tangible results. Our Innovation team guides the innovation of products, services, and experiences. We help you choose where and how to compete then give you the tools to succeed.

Leadership & Organizational Development >

Our Leadership Development practice offers direct access to experienced, battle-tested C-suite talent, helping you develop the leadership skills needed to take your company to the next level, and supporting you along the way.

Strategy & Operations >

If you are gearing up for rapid growth, identifying or integrating new acquisitions or dealing with operational constraints, our Strategy & Operations experts can help you make the right decisions, and implement the right strategies to lead your organization to success.


Working with CREO has been pivotal in creating the structure and laser focus our team needed to position ourselves for tremendous success. As CEO, I have appreciated CREO’s network of subject matter experts, ability to accurately assess problems and offer rapid solutions, and facilitation of discussions that enabled our team to become the leaders our organization needed to drive our vital vision and mission.
— Stacie M., Veritas Collaborative

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