We guide the innovation of products, services, and experiences.

In an ever-changing business landscape, innovation holds the promise of growth. Whether you’re a corporate leader or community developer, you’ve likely faced challenges to launching a new initiative: having the rights skills, experience, and dedicated leadership.

We translate your big ideas into tangible results. We help you choose where and how to compete. Then we give you the tools to succeed.


Our Approach

We emphasize differentiation and sustainability.

Our process is simple and collaborative:


True innovation starts with a big idea and a unique opportunity. We will deliver a thorough market analysis to identify unmet needs, strengths and weakness to leverage for impact.


  • Design Thinking

  • Experience Design

  • Network Mapping

  • Feasibility Discovery


Disruptive innovation requires a thoughtful plan. We will help you develop a unique position in the market and a strategy to attract the right attention to your project.


  • Business Strategy

  • Marketing Strategy

  • Program Strategy

  • Fundraising Strategy


Innovation takes operational expertise. We will help you build the system and, processes to unleash your innovation. We can either lead or augment your team to ensure success.


  • Program management

  • Team building

  • Coalition Building

  • Impact measurement


Services Offered

Strategic Communications
When you’re ready to make an innovative shift, you need to be prepared with a communications plan. We can help you shape and deliver your message to external and internal stakeholders — and build excitement for your initiative.

Network Building
Entrepreneurs are building our future, but they can be a difficult group to reach. Our deep connections to the entrepreneurial community can help you connect with brilliant innovators from across the country.

Culture Development
An innovation mindset isn’t just for startups, it’s valuable for every company, and every employee. We can help you update your business model, and welcome a new entrepreneurial culture into your day to day business.

Real Estate Strategy
Space is key to promoting change. We can help you design and craft the space, services and experience to drive innovation activity. We apply a framework of people + place + process to deliver an exceptional experience.

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