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Clinical and bioanalytical labs are experiencing high growth as innovative enablers of 21st century clinical research and healthcare delivery.

Rising expenditures in life sciences R&D, preventative medicine, infectious disease control, chronic disease management, and healthcare for aging populations are creating an attractive climate for revenue growth. As competition increases and market consolidation progresses, growth strategies are taking center stage for most clinical and bioanalytical labs.

CREO can help your company chart successful growth trajectories to maintain pace with the growing demand for laboratory services globally. We can help you overcome historical barriers to lab growth by identifying the right strategies and focusing on execution.

  • Evolving Business Strategies. Bioanalytical and clinical laboratories are pursuing a combination of organic and inorganic growth strategies to meet the growing global demand for their services. Corporate strategies need to accommodate for a complex mix of test demand, pricing dynamics, facility capacity, geographic coverage, M&A opportunities, and talent management among many other factors.
  • Increasing Process Efficiencies. With limited capacity in both facilities and workforces, bioanalytical and clinical laboratories are constantly driven to increase the throughput of their testing and development operations. Integrating and streamlining business processes has become a corporate imperative for market leaders to improve their service access and customer experience.
  • Emerging Sciences and Technologies. Advancements in precision medicines, therapies and diagnostics are driving high demand for novel assays and tests. To support the development and scale-up of these capabilities, laboratories are increasingly turning to information technologies that can offer global scalability, integrated data management, and advanced analytical insights.
  • Changing Regulatory Landscape. The continuous introduction of scientific and technological innovations flowing through bioanalytical and clinical labs means laboratory leaders must stay diligent on their evolving regulatory obligations. The qualification and validation of facilities, lab equipment, tests and procedures are often on the critical path to successful commercialization of these valuable services.

Strategic Planning

An effective laboratory strategic plan aligns leaders on the high-stakes decisions, plans, and business rhythms that drive goal attainment.

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Business Process Optimization

Process standardization and automation competencies support more scalable growth.

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Due Diligence and Post Merger Integration

Inorganic growth (M&A) can increase your service catalog, geographic footprint, operational capacity, workforce, and innovation funnel.

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Laboratory Informatics

Enterprise architecture is mission-critical to ensure your laboratory, clinical research, and quality systems can scale up with your growth.

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Regulatory Compliance

Laboratories that more effectively navigate constantly evolving regulatory obligations will outperform competitors.

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