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Nonprofit Financial Management

Leverage financial operations and data to better serve your constituents.

The ability to quickly define, access, interpret, and disseminate financial information is critical to driving results. Equally or more important to nonprofits is the ability of the financial team to support and collaborate with funds development and program delivery teams to communicate program impact to funders. The CREO team brings decades of nonprofit experience and resources to help you build a mature and highly functioning finance operation that moves your mission forward.

With CREO’s support, you’ll actively improve financial performance and reporting while building credibility and confidence in your mission-driven organization.

We improve your nonprofit’s financial operations and results through:

Fractional CFO Services

Collaborating with staff and board leadership to improve your nonprofit’s ability to define, access, interpret, and disseminate financial information.

Financial Operations Maturity Assessments

CREO grounds its assessment process in understanding your mission and your funding structure while identifying gaps to fill and strengths to leverage.

Financial Operations Support & Process Improvements

All nonprofits are not created equal, and CREO prides itself on working with its clients to identify the level of support that will create the highest impact with the resources available.

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It’s time to use your financial data to make better decisions.

CREO applies decades of experience working with finance teams in growth organizations to arm you with the strategies and tools to build efficiency, credibility, and maturity in your financial operations. Take a moment and explore our additional services in Financial Management.