We guide you from planning to execution.

CREO has proven success in partnering with organizations to design and execute sales strategies and initiatives to enhance customer acquisition while best aligning the organization around the sales effort. With deep and broad experience in enhancing sales organizations to establish scalable returns, CREO can provide your leadership teams with actionable, clear and concise sales strategies, guiding you from planning to execution, to enhance customer acquisition, organizational alignment, and scalability.


Services Offered

Sales Strategy
CREO will partner with you to enhance your sales strategy by analyzing your business’s needs with an analytic mindset presenting measured, scalable solutions. We earn the position of a trusted advisor collaborating with you to strengthen your strategy, delivering enhanced performance and scalable value.

Sales Operations
Our consultants are skilled at optimizing operations, streamlining workflows, establishing clear process maps, integrating technologies, and identifying opportunities to leverage tools for improved capacity, efficiency and performance. Refining or rebuilding sales operations, we help drive process efficiency to scale your business. We help to expand your sales force, devising competencies to identify sales talent while supporting the interview process to ensure the right sales professionals are recruited, hired and onboarded.

Sales Model: Territory Design and Inside Sales Development
CREO teams can deliver key insights to determine segmentation, value proposition, sales force structure and sales process strategies that will align the organization to your addressable market, and then optimize the size, territories, and metrics of your sales force to best engage that market. Relying on precise strategies, talent, process and technical tools, our teams help you build the inside sales models you need to expand.

Sales Analytics, Metrics, and Reporting
CREO’s experts partner with your leadership teams to best align goals, incentives, metrics, recognition, reporting and coaching to enable professional development while driving the desired behaviors. and then configure CRM applications to best leverage sales data and information to enable informed decisions.


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