We help you to implement the right strategies.

Whether you need to raise new capital, gear up for rapid growth, identify or integrate new acquisitions, deal with operational constraints or fill key positions with good talent, the seasoned leaders in CREO’s Growth Management practice can help you make the right decisions, and implement the right strategies that will lead your organization to success.

We work shoulder-to-shoulder with you to analyze the current state, envision the future state and identify the fewest, most important strategic initiatives to move your business forward.


Services Offered

Strategy Development and Execution
We work with executive teams to build strategic plans in perfect alignment with an organization’s vision, mission and core values. We’ll help you establish a series of business rhythms to ensure the strategy is implemented and measured with discipline and rigor to drive business results.

Too often, the daily pressures of running a business can cause leaders to lose sight of the larger picture. our executive leaders can help you map your business ecosystem, identify stakeholders and prioritize your activities to reconnect business operations with your overarching growth goals, providing a clear path forward, and guiding you as you execute.

Performance Improvement
Stalled growth often indicates that an organization has scaled beyond its operational capabilities. We can help you optimize your operating model, redesign and simplify your organization, realign your cost structure, and improve performance, keeping your company lean and efficient as you scale.

Mergers and Acquisitions
Inorganic business growth requires deep focus and discipline, but offers unparalleled opportunity to quickly add business value. From identifying target companies to developing clear investment objectives, to diligence, integration planning, and long-term change management, we can augment your M&A capabilities and ensure the smoothest possible transition and assist you in achieving your investment thesis.


“The consultants at CREO are adept at finding blind spots that hinder organizations from performing at their optimal levels. They provided valuable tools, coupled with strategic executive coaching sessions, to help drive systemic change ultimately resulting in increased efficiency and enhanced productivity.”
— Derrick D., Karna

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