Audrey has a background in qualitative and quantitative research in the social and natural sciences. Her skills include conducting interviews/focus groups and surveys, coding textual data, and visualizing numerical data.

Prior to joining CREO, Audrey was a Healthcare Analyst and reviewed public comments responding to proposed health insurance changes. She also worked at a public opinion research company with clients in various fields, including health, first as a Research Intern and then as an Innovation Assistant.

Audrey joined CREO as an Analyst on the Delivery Enablement Team in 2023. She is passionate about helping people and is excited to apply her expertise to solve growth challenges for life sciences and healthcare companies.

Audrey received her Master of Arts in Anthropology from North Carolina State University in 2021, during which she helped teach in-person and virtual undergraduate courses. Before that, she completed her Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology and Biology at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill in 2019.