Manny Olivares is an Analytical Consultant with a diverse background in economics, operations, and analytics. Passionate about learning, he is committed to using these lessons to create innovative solutions and strategies. More specifically, Manny is passionate about leveraging data to achieve better business outcomes.

Manny got his start as an LDP Associate at a healthcare startup called Integra Partners. There he worked on several initiatives to drive operational efficiencies including, call-center optimization, analytics, and process improvement. He then spent 3 years leading operations for a small supermarket chain, where he gained valuable leadership and operations management experience. Manny then returned to healthcare, working as an Operations and Enterprise Information Analyst at Clinipace. Here he was involved in several modeling and analytics initiatives, process improvement, and data flow automation.

Manny holds a BA in Economics from Cornell and is currently pursuing a M.S. in Data Science with concentrations in Data Engineering and Analytics and Modeling.