We are a mission-driven company.

After working together at three prior companies, Susan Acker-Walsh and Mike Townley reunited in the summer of 2015 with a mission to build a new business to help growth companies create smart, healthy, and successful organizations. The result is CREO.


CREO is Latin for “to create or to make grow.” 

In Spanish, Yo creo, means “I believe.”

Taken together, the name represents our commitment to help mission focused companies in the health, life sciences and technology services arenas to grow and prosper. When they designed the logo, ripples were added around the word CREO to represent the impact they are having with our clients. Changes big and small emanate from the work they do. CREO is focused on making good companies better.

The vision for CREO is deeply connected to the work Susan and Mike did over the past three decades in the health research sector. They found that the challenges in growing companies was rarely connected to the “business of the business.” More typically, it was the other stuff that got in the way of the business’ growth.

“We spent decades of our careers honing skills that made the companies we worked with better.” 

From strategy to operations to execution to technology and compliance, they did the things that created alignment around vision and strategy and drove execution and results. Along the way, as leaders they learned hard lessons, discovered what worked and what didn’t, and confronted and solved real world problems.

At CREO, they built the company to share the lessons they learned through real-world experience. CREO works shoulder to shoulder with you to get the job done. They understand your issues and challenges and work tirelessly beside you to develop practical and timely solutions to solving them.

“We do this with a team of exceptional people who are attracted to working with us because of our shared values.”


Give us a call to set up a complimentary 90-minute ideation session.

We will collaborate with you to tailor a solution that meets your specific situation. Making good companies better starts with you.