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Evaluate and execute upon successful inorganic growth opportunities that add value, generate returns, and achieve ambitious business goals.

M&A is high risk, high reward for any organization and CREO’s proven methodology and expertise minimizes risk and leads to successful outcomes. We formed a partnership with Midaxo, a solution designed specifically for M&A, which creates one centralized platform with full transparency. Midaxo stores best practice playbooks, tracks and reports progress and generates powerful analytics for real-time collaboration and increased alignment.

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Due Diligence Management



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We manage a timely and thorough due diligence process that drives alignment and accelerates value realization during integration.


High-growth companies often lack the required rigor to conduct a centralized and structured diligence process with needed focus and experience to identify potential pitfalls and develop mitigation strategies. Failed due diligence results in lost time, incomplete or failed integrations, sub-optimal investment returns, and other potential issues that can derail future success.


We support due diligence through:

Diligence Management Office

We manage the due diligence checklist, synthesize functional assessments, and perform risk analysis with internal and external stakeholders.

REVEAL™ Cultural Assessments

We evaluate cultural nuance and devise plans to meld cultures.

IT Due Diligence and Cybersecurity Assessments

We review and assess IT infrastructure, systems, people, and processes to identify and develop mitigation strategies to address IT risks. 

HIPAA Risk Assessments

We identify risks and vulnerabilities to the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of PHI held or processed by the target organization.

Integration Planning

We engineer alignment on future states and develop an integration plan.

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“Karna needed to be more responsive to change . CREO brought a methodology that allowed Karna leadership to identify and focus on the fewest, most important things.”

— Wayne M., Karna

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Post-Merger Integration

We guide organizations through successful integrations that ensure deal thesis realization and establish competencies for future transactions.


Integrations are complex and require significant organizational focus. Shareholders expect results without impacting existing operations. With the stakes high, leadership teams need guidance and expertise to accelerate the integration and deliver on the investment.


We lead integration through:

Integration Management Office

We establish and run the Integration Management Office (IMO) with focus on speed and achieving synergies.

Day 1 Planning, Execution and Change Management

We develop and execute Day 1 plans that create a personalized, people-centric approach in communicating the change to employees, customers, and suppliers. We develop and execute the change management plan for successful cultural integration.   

Process and SOP Harmonization

We lead process mapping exercises to eliminate, consolidated, and streamline inconsistent or redundant processes and documents, settling on a single source of truth and a global set of processes. 

Go-to-Market Strategy Planning

We facilitate go-to-market strategy sessions incorporating market research, core competencies and company direction to align leadership and generate an executable plan.

Technology Roadmap Development and Integration

We facilitate go-to-market strategy sessions incorporating market research, core competencies and company direction to align leadership and generate an executable plan.

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CREO drives transaction speed, efficiency, and workstream expertise to right-size separation activities and allow business leaders to remain focused on building the future.


Organizations divest assets to re-focus on their core business, generate capital, address regulatory requirements, and unlock new market value.  But divestitures are time consuming and costly.  The process of separating companies involves skilled analysis, extensive planning, and effective management of tasks, vendors, and risks.  And when operational teams become distracted by these separation activities, the core business suffers.


We align divestiture strategy and execution through:

Separation Management Office

We facilitate the governance of divestitures, carve-outs, and spin-offs through the Separation Management Office (SMO) to manage cross-functional dependencies, project plans, risks, and issues.

Transition Service Agreements

We develop Transition Service Agreements (TSAs) and establish TSA governance models to accelerate exits and reduce dependency on the seller as a service provider.

Day 2 Planning and Execution

We create dependency maps with detailed project plans and milestones to drive workstreams to efficiently execute transactions.

Contract Management

We evaluate and assess global contracts to maintain favorable terms and minimize costs to the buyer and seller.

Change Management

We develop a holistic change management and communication plan to drive transparency and prepare both organizations for operating effectively post-separation.

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