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Analytics & Insight Creation

Make your company smarter by unleashing the power of data with analytics.

Organizations have access to more data than ever before. CREO enables you to unlock the potential in all of this data to drive deeper insights, actionable intelligence, and stronger outcomes.

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Data Sciences Strategy Development

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We empower your business strategy with data to drive transformational performance. 


Businesses in all market segments are competing in highly competitive information economies. Market leaders are increasingly distinguished by how effectively they use data to drive stronger performance and customer adoption. Yet, many organizations lack a clear plan for how data should be influencing business decisions and product/service designs.


We create more competitive companies through:

Analytics and Data Assessment

We bring a proven assessment methodology to identify the most important growth areas in analytics and data sciences.

Strategic Planning

We leverage proven planning disciplines to align your business strategy to a performance-driven data strategy.

Product Management

We help you build market-leading products and services that leverage advanced analytics and data sciences.

Fractional Chief Analytics Officer

We partner with your leadership team to bring best-in-class analytical expertise and support to your business strategy.

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“As CEO, I have appreciated CREO’s network of subject matter experts, ability to accurately assess problems and offer rapid solutions, and facilitation of discussions that enabled our team to become the leaders our organization needed to drive our vital vision and mission.”

— Stacie M., Veritas Collaborative

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We build world-class predictive analytical solutions, data sciences teams, and data-driven cultures that produce a sustainable competitive advantage.  


In order for organizations to take advantage of predictive analytics and richer data sources, they need access to analytical expertise, modern technologies, and proven development processes. On their journey to become more data-driven, many organizations struggle with:

  • Leveraging predictive analytical methods such as machine learning and artificial intelligence to effectively create actionable intelligence
  • Enhancing business processes to efficiently produce high-quality analytical assets
  • Cultivating the right technical skillsets
  • Transforming culture by empowering knowledge workers with novel insights


We build smarter companies through:

Fractional Chief Analytics Officer

We partner with your leadership team to bring best-in-class analytical expertise to your business strategy.

Development Services

We provide expert analytical resources to design and develop critical analytical models and assets.

Process Optimization

We help your teams adopt best practices in analytical lifecycles, solution development, product management, and agile methods.

Designing Data Sciences Teams

We help you plan and build out roles, job descriptions, compensation, and staffing levels to deliver new capabilities in data sciences and analytics.

Workforce Empowerment

We enhance the people, process, technology, and cultural prerequisites for a truly data-driven organization.

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We help organizations engineer and leverage trusted, high-performing data that enables real-time, data-driven business operations.


Companies today are experiencing massive growth in the volumes of data they generate, receive, and manage. In order to effectively leverage data as an asset, organizations must develop data governance strategies and competencies that cover:

  • Storage & Access: organizing and standardizing the collection and dissemination of trusted data assets
  • Curation: adding value and structure to raw data to improve data utility
  • Quality: addressing data standards, errors, and gaps that inhibit analysis and usability
  • Meaning: establishing appropriate context, use, and interpretation of data
  • Workforce Enablement: engaging individuals and teams to cultivate and leverage trusted institutional data


We build data-driven companies through:

Fractional Chief Data Officer

We partner with your leadership team to bring best-in-class expertise and support to your business strategy.

Data Curation & Quality

We improve the quality, standardization, and usability of institutional data assets.

Data Stewardship & Literacy

We empower workforces to better govern, manage, and use critical data and analytical assets.

Data Architecture

We support the exchanging, integrating, warehousing, and delivery of data needed for analytics through highly scalable, secure, on-premises, and cloud-based technology foundations.

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We create actionable intelligence that moves your business. 


Organizations usually don’t lack data; they lack timely, meaningful insights from their data. With a seemingly endless number of report requests and data feeds, organizations often struggle to derive actionable intelligence that directly influences decisions, actions, and behaviors.


We help organizations unlock actionable insights through:

Rapid Analytical Insights Program

Our data scientists use modern software tools and agile development practices to generate new, high-impact insights in just a few days.

Development Services

We design, develop, and support critical analytical models, business intelligence views, and data visualizations that take your workforce to higher levels of performance.

Data Governance

We help organizations engineer and leverage trusted, high-performing data that enables real-time, data-driven business operations.

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